Special Edition with Gary Gale and Ed Freyfogle.

Two map enthusiasts are in town end of the month and they will speak and interact with us during this special edition of GeoBLR. Gary Gale and Ed Freyfogle are part of a location services company called Lokku based in London and the OpenStreetMap community. Both of them have extensive experience with geospatial data, cartography and building applications and services around location data. Gary and Ed will talk for 15 minutes about two interesting topics –

Gary Gale – How a Map can Go Viral (In 8 Easy Steps)

A self-professed map addict, Gary has worked in the mapping and location space for over 20 years through a combination of luck and occasional good judgement. Currently consulting with Lokku as Geotechnologist in Residence, Gary is helping to advance open geospatial technologies and bring them to new markets. A Fellow of the RGS, he tweets about maps, writes about them and even makes them.

Ed Freyfogle – Challenges in Geocoding Indian Properties on nestoria.in

Ed is a co-founder of Lokku. He has been an OpenStreetMap contributor from the start of the project. Prior to starting Lokku he worked for Yahoo!  for over 4 years. Along with Gary and others he authored the JavaScript mapping abstration library called Mapstraction.

Join us on January 31, 6pm for an evening of maps, technology and drinks!

RSVP → hello@geoblr.in