Location data at Olacabs

Location data is at the center of Olacabs. The February edition of GeoBLR will feature Vijaya Raghavan, Director of Engineering at Olacabs. Olacabs is a popular nation-wide call-taxi service. Vijaya focuses on collecting real-time location data, the devices used and the challenges around it.

Vijaya will introduce the technology that help Olacabs scale real-time data collection, how they analyse some of the data and introduce some driver training strategies. He will focus on some specific questions throughout his presentation:

1. How Ola is collecting location data from the devices in real-time, some of the challenges in this space.

2. How Ola is using the data for projecting/predicting high traffic areas and customer locations.

3. How Ola is carrying out training for drivers, challenges and ideas.

We will open the space for questions and then networking right after.

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